Daily Trading Forex 12082008

My Daily Trading Forex at August 08, 2008 is very good position. From EUR/USD pairs, I have got 200 pips, but I think it will be continue down. So, I am not close that position.

At yesterday, I lost some dollars again, because EUR/USD moving so fast and I have got trouble with my internet connection, so that position closed by margin call. Yeah, I lost about $60, or $70 for total lost for yesterday.
Some people says that EUR/USD pairs will go down until 1.47xx, but I still use my target position at 1.4500 I hope you never ask me about my decision because I am a newbie trader who still learn about trading and use this blog to share my daily trading with all trader forex.
Today, EUR/USD pairs has a low position and I worried he will make a suddenly move like yesterday, be carefull. And this is my daily trading forex at this day, and maybe I will do some scalp with my last funds.

Daily Trading Forex 11082008

I am very sorry, because not upload my daily trading at Friday. For today, I upload my history daily trading from August 08 until August 11, 2008. My trading at Friday last week was very hard to me, I lost about $90. At Friday evening, I got margin call and have to close all my position. My spirit trading is very down.
Looking for the chart and down trend that I think will still continue, so I open sell position at EUR/USD pairs with my last funds, and try to open long term position. Saturday morning or close bell at market forex, my open position not reach target position but I still sure that it will be at Monday morning.
Monday morning I have reach my target, because some gap that happen at EUR/USD pairs. And for today, I still concentrate at EUR/USD pairs. I have open sell position again at 1.4961, and set the target at 1.4500, long term position again. I think USD has found his strength, so I open sell position again. Tak a look at screenshoot below to check my position.

And this screenshoot below is my daily trading for today. I hope you will have much green pips, and so do I.

In some case, I will make an open position again to make my margin more strength.

Daily Trading Forex 07082008

I am try to make a notes about my forex trading at marketiva with this blog, with live and virtual funds. Until now, I try to make 50 green pips for a day, and limited loss 30 red pips. It's my first post at this blog, and I will show my first position with some pictures.
An idea to make a blog to show trading poisition is from my best teacher of trading forex, but he affraid to be popular in blogosphere. This blog and my special thanks is dedicated for him.
This picture show my balance at live and virtual funds. And I will show all my daily trading, whatever the results, starting at today.

My english is not good cause I am an Indonesian, but I will try to make a good communication with english.
Wish Me Luck with my daily trading forex!!!